4 Marketing Analytics Trends That Are Shifting Power Back To Brands

For many businesses, it really does feel like they’re at the mercy of consumers. Consumers have the power to compare and shop based on price. They can also be unpredictable and volatile in their purchasing behavior. There are four marketing analytic trends, however, that can shift the power back to brands. 1. Using technology like advanced CRM systems to build … Read More

5 Ways for Small Businesses to Save Money on Technology

While technology can give your small business a competitive advantage, getting the necessary technology and keeping up can be costly. Investing in technology, however, usually results in a return on investment, but cash flow and budget can still limit how much business owners can put into it. Here are five ways to get around this problem and save money on … Read More

6 Helpful Tips for Training Small Business Employees

Hiring employees is the next big step for you to grow as a small business. While it’s important to make sure you hire the right person, it is also your responsibility to make sure that you provide the proper training. Here are 6 helpful tips that will help you train employees effectively and efficiently. 1. Leverage existing employees. If you … Read More

Is a professional website worth the cost?

Asking how much it costs to build a professional website is like asking how much it costs for a new suit, a new dress, or a new car. Even though there are millions of websites online, there isn’t a magic formula to come up with how much each site costs. Three important steps in the process of arriving at the … Read More

Entrepreneurship is only for the strong

“Only the strong survive” has been a popular lyric in song as well as in film script dialogues since Jerry Butler’s original release in 1968. Thephrase first appears in 1859 when Charles Darwin, an English scientist, offered a theory of evolution based on a process he called natural selection. He coined descriptions that included “struggle for existence” and “the survival … Read More

Earning Respect

Earning respect as a leader can be a complex challenge. It’s all about how you are perceived. More importantly, respect as a leader does not always mean aspiring to land a title that forces others to respect you. Often, it’s about truly earning that respect, regardless of whether you sit at the top or the bottom of the chain of … Read More

Smart Everything

Smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs….In the life of the average American, pretty much everything is “smart.” So why not have a smart desk, too? Smart is only one of many words that describe the desk in this article. Convenient, helpful, healthy and clever might also apply. If you sit for too long, this desk reminds you to stand up. It … Read More

Boosting Low Morale

Unhappy employees who aren’t enthusiastic about their work don’t produce the same quality of work that employees who love their job do. When people are dissatisfied, it’s usually not to hard to tell. The difficulty for many managers comes in trying to motivate these employees again. A Gallup poll found that 67 percent of employees aren’t engaged at work. When … Read More

How to Create Diversity in a Non-Diverse Industry

Diversity grows creativity and innovation, which are crucial in long-term business success. Ever for those that might, many ethical and legal regulations deter employers from discriminating against diverse candidates, helping to grow diversity in workplaces and provide opportunities for those who may be more likely to experience discrimination. But what should a company do when it desires more diversity yet … Read More

Speaking With Your Audience

Ever been in a “conversation” where the person is speaking at you, rather than with you? For some people, few things are more frustrating. The same can be true for public speaking. This article encourages people to speak “with” their audiences. When an exchange of communication takes place, your audience is typically more engaged. It also allows us to learn … Read More