Multiply Your Marketing With an Outside Team

Given the crowded marketplace, where the endless digital channels create a wall of sound to your target audience’s ears, getting your message through to your customer base can be challenging. The typical consumer is inundated with ads from all directions, making it difficult to get your company’s voice to rise above it all and engage with your audience. And while in-house marketing teams are wonderful at understanding the complexities of your market segment and building your brand, there are times when bringing in an outside team makes sense, especially when particular projects or goals require specific expertise. In other words, there are numerous circumstances when using outside help maximizes your budget, ROI and, ultimately, the conversion to sales that your company craves.

A Budget-Friendly Alternative

Marketing departments always need to be wary of their bottom line. However, in the instances when a certain project lies outside your team’s core competencies, there aren’t many alternatives to choose from. Soldiering on with a project, even if it lies outside of your team’s expertise, will most likely lead to inferior results that would negatively impact the entire company. Of course, you could always expand your team and hire new employees who have the expertise you’re looking for but, given your eye towards the budget, the financial repercussions of additional salaries, benefits and taxes don’t make expansion feasible.

By bringing in an outside team, you get to utilize the specific areas of expertise within your group while avoiding the financial ramifications of expanding your own team. In fact, most clients realize significant savings by using outside marketing teams rather than internal expansion, while also enjoying the effective, specialized results.

Flexibility in Many Different Aspects

Outside teams typically feature members with expertise in an extremely wide range of specific marketing specialties, giving them the ability to create and guide marketing campaigns that fit your goals, even when those goals are outside of your own core competencies. Furthermore, outside teams aren’t relegated to standard 9 to 5 business hours like your employees, so they’re available to you on a 24/7 basis.

At Bizzo, we’re not trying to replace the marketing team you have assembled in-house, though we do that too. Instead, we strive to supplement your current abilities, allow your marketing efforts to successfully wade outside of your current strengths, and assist your team in implementing marketing strategies that will maximize your ROI and positively affect your bottom line.