Motorcycle Riding Centers

Building a business from the bottom up


Founded in 2011, Motorcycle Riding Centers is a non-profit organization based in NJ, USA with the singular mission of reducing motorcycle-related fatalities in the greater NJ area. The primary focus of Motorcycle Riding Centers is to license and educate new and ongoing motorcycle riders.

With a small staff of dedicated and passionate individuals, the organization educates almost 2,000 riders every single year.


Facing stiff local competition from entrenched competitors with longevity and resource advantages, Motorcycle Riding Centers needed to find a way to differentiate, add value to students, and also implement modern best practices to attract and serve their constituents, wherever they may be during the purchasing journey.
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Project Objectives

  1. Grow Revenue & Profitability

  2. Diversify Marketing Channels

  3. Redesign Website


First we performed a complete Digital Marketing Audit to identify strategic opportunities. Next we rebuilt the website to optimize for SEO and allow for online payments, registration, and automated email campaigns to nurture and build customer relationships on autopilot without adding cost and complexity to the company.

We then built awareness for the company by investing heavily in social media with high quality video and research backed content. We multiplied and built upon that success with paid ad campaigns to pre-qualified targeted audiences that showed interest in the services of the company. This kept ad spend very low while generating predictable revenue streams that scaled with higher investment levels.


  • Bizzo Digital Marketing System™
  • Web Design
  • Paid Advertising
    • Google
    • Facebook
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Campaigns
  • SEO
  • Multimedia Production




Total ROI 107%

2x Revenue Growth

Ranked #1 in Google

Traffic Growth 425%

Google Ads ROI = 1,956%

Facebook Ads ROI = 990%

Bonus Results

#1 organization in motorcycle safety

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