How to Create an Easy Content Marketing Strategy You’ll Actually Use

While content marketing is the perfect gateway to boost your company’s revenues, not many companies have mastered the art of successful content marketing. Don’t know where to start with content marketing? Start by planning your goals and finding a way to reach your target audience. Here’s how you can get started: Identifying Objectives What’s your objective? What are you offering … Read More

Multiply Your Marketing With an Outside Team

Given the crowded marketplace, where the endless digital channels create a wall of sound to your target audience’s ears, getting your message through to your customer base can be challenging. The typical consumer is inundated with ads from all directions, making it difficult to get your company’s voice to rise above it all and engage with your audience. And while … Read More

Why No One Is Reading Your Marketing Content

Digital marketing is the most difficult type of marketing. You need to have a flexible budget and a strong message if you want consumers to remember you. If you have not been able to capture the attention of your target audience, you need to stick to a more targeted approach. Keep in mind, digital activity is tracked so even if … Read More

How to Prove Content Marketing ROI for Your Business

Over the years, content marketing has created quite a hype. In addition, platforms used to create and generate content to the right channels have grown and matured. Despite the high volume of content being published by companies all around the world, however, businesses are still unable to gain profits from their content and boost brand awareness. Accountability and revenue attribution … Read More

Free Isn’t Always Better: When to Spend Money on Marketing

When it comes to marketing, if you do it right, you have the perfect opportunity to allow your business to grow and increase your sales and revenue. Your customers need to be informed of your products and services or they won’t want to pay for them. Marketing is a technique that allows you to build a reputation, stand against your … Read More

A New Definition of Marketing For 2016

Upon asking a group of people what marketing is, you would probably receive a variety of answers from them. Some would claim that marketing is a form of advertising done by television commercials, print ads, and direct mail to get new clients or businesses. Others would say that marketing is just a form of building relationships and networking through branching … Read More

How to Use Data to Create More Relevant Content

When it comes to content marketing, you cannot just write blog posts for the sake of writing. You need to write with a purpose and a plan. Writing with a purpose makes investing your money and time worthwhile and will lead to better outcomes, such as higher rankings, and more leads and sales. In a recent research published by the … Read More

3 Reasons Why the Holidays are the Best Time for Content Marketing

Believe it or not, there is more to the holidays than just the candy canes and Christmas trees. It is the best time of year to use the heavy Internet traffic, and those who do not capitalize on this wonderful opportunity are sure to miss out on a lot of potential revenue. Millions of people around the world gear up … Read More

5 Marketing Changes Small Businesses Need to Make in 2016

The New Year is just around the corner and whether your small business marketing is thriving or falling flat, there are some changes you need to make. No matter how good your marketing strategy has been, it is important you perform a marketing audit of 2015 to figure out what’s working for you and what’s not. The upcoming year holds … Read More

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing

To keep up in this fast-paced world and avoid getting neglected by your target audience, it is essential that you find ways to attract them. Understand that directly selling your products to your customers will not help you to establish a connection with your customers. Luckily, the answer to all your problems is good old-fashioned content marketing. Here’s why you … Read More