Great Leaders Know They’re Not Perfect

It’s not surprising that when executives enter a new job, they have this deep-seated feeling to try to be perfect. Research has shown over the years that employees and leaders spend too much time attempting to appear flawless. Yet, great leaders know they are not perfect and they don’t act like they are. There are, however, some common misconceptions that … Read More

4 Tips for Breaking into an Industry You Know Nothing About

When Missy and Scott Tannen founded their linen startup Boll & Branch, they didn’t have a clue what it was like to launch an e-commerce brand. All they knew was that they needed to provide their customers an honest brand that sold high quality, organic cotton sheets. While Scott had a background in digital marketing and video-game development, it did … Read More

The 7 Most Important New Books of 2016

While most business books are mediocre and have nothing new to offer, a few handfuls of important books are published every year that contain ideas that demand our attention. If you want to start this New Year with some wisdom, here are 7 books that you need to keep an eye out for in 2016: 1.     The Future of Professions … Read More

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Content Marketing

To keep up in this fast-paced world and avoid getting neglected by your target audience, it is essential that you find ways to attract them. Understand that directly selling your products to your customers will not help you to establish a connection with your customers. Luckily, the answer to all your problems is good old-fashioned content marketing. Here’s why you … Read More

6 Sayings of Entrepreneurs Who Will Lead Their Companies to the Top

If you are a new entrepreneur looking for some inspiration, then it is time that you look up some living legends who have successfully established their companies against all odds. How do you think they made it? They must have done something that brought them so much success; let’s find out. Was it some form of genetic mutation or were … Read More

Small Business Hiring Toolbox

The new Hiring Toolbox offered by LinkedIn is going to revolutionize the job industry. Recruiting and hiring the perfect candidates for your firm is not an easy task. You have to go through tedious hours researching whether or not the candidate is actually suited for the position or not. To save you time and effort, LinkedIn has created a new … Read More

6 Lessons I Wish I’d known Before My Business Failed

After spending so many years building my business, Brooklyn Taco Co., it became difficult for me to recall the difficulties I had faced when I was catering for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Sadly, all my achievements were in vain, and the feeling of success had slowly started to fade away when Brooklyn Taco closed down in February 2015. … Read More

The Importance of Market Research For Small Businesses

Market research is an immensely powerful way to gather and evaluate data regarding different perspectives of the business. This includes your consumer groups, your competition, the industry your business belongs to, and the everyday market and business environment. For small businesses, effective and efficient market research can play a significant role in accurately determining what products and services you should … Read More

How Target, Macy’s, and IKEA Dominated Holiday Marketing

Although many people are beginning to get ready for the crazy holiday shopping spree – you would be surprised to know that retail giants such as Macy’s, Target, and IKEA have already come up with brilliant and dominating marketing campaigns to make customers happy and to rake a massive chunk in profits. Macy’s There is no doubt that Macy’s always … Read More