The 7 Most Important New Books of 2016

While most business books are mediocre and have nothing new to offer, a few handfuls of important books are published every year that contain ideas that demand our attention. If you want to start this New Year with some wisdom, here are 7 books that you need to keep an eye out for in 2016:

1.     The Future of Professions by Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind

This book predicts the downfall of today’s professions and describes the systems and people that will replace them. Because we live in an internet society, we have started to undermine certain professions and find alternative ways to seek help. Teachers, accountants, doctors, and lawyers are just among some of the professions that are being replaced by technology and artificial intelligence.

2.     Post Capitalism by Paul Mason

This book is based on the argument that even information technology is driven by capitalism; it is destroying our economy based on wages and private ownership. The book also presents solutions and presents options to create a more just economy.

3.     Virtual Billions by Eric Geissinger

This book explores cyber currency and those who are responsible for its immense success. It focuses on the creators of Bitcoin and the administrator of Silk Road, who used Bitcoin to fund online drug sales, counterfeit money and assassinations.

4.     People Get Ready by Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols

This book argues that if America continues to allow billionaire campaign donors to play a role in defining a role in the political future of the country, democracy will perish and all that makes sense and is meaningful will cease to exist.

5.     Originals by Adam Grant

This book will help you distinguish good ideas from the mediocre ones and speak up without being silenced. Most people lack the capability to build coalition with allies and manage fear and doubt. This fear will help you do all that and will teach parents and teachers how to nurture the minds of the young.

6.     The Confidence Effect by Grace Killelea

While most women believe that they are frequently passed over for promotions because of the present day corporate culture that favors men, there may be another culprit to blame, and this is the absence of confidence. This book features research and statistics that will step by step help women become more confident in a society dominated by men.

7.     Small Data by Martin Lindstrom

This book revolves around the experiences of market researchers who pay more attention in making observation about people and their behaviors rather than relying on big data, which has resulted in multimillion dollar products. Prime examples include how a worn out sneaker led to Lego’s turnaround and various other observations that resulted in multimillion products.