Content Marketing Done Right: 8 Examples You Can Learn From

It is safe to say about 85% of brands use content marketing to boost their revenue, but less than half of those brands think they are good at it. This is mainly because content marketing brings you in to the public’s eye. You are putting all your thoughts and ideas out there, just hoping to get noticed by the people. The truth is not all content marketing strategies are brilliant; some of them hardly ever get noticed at all. With this article, you will be able to learn what it takes to have a successful content marketing strategy. Here are 8 successful examples of content marketing:

1.     Coke’s “Share a Coke” Campaign

If you are unaware of this campaign, you have probably been living under a rock. It’s time you come out to the real world. Coke’s “Share a Coke” campaign gave its consumers the opportunity to personalize their favorite drink. All they had to do was print out the most popular 150 names in Australia on the side of the Coke bottle and people went crazy over it.

What Made This Campaign So Successful? Well, it was personalization, of course. People were thrilled to be able to drink Coke bottles with their name on it. With this campaign, Coke struck a personal cord with its consumers.

2.     Buffer’s Open Blog

The social media tracking app allows you to organize your posts and track your growth via social media. The magic, however, cannot be found in Buffer’s products. It is how they market it. The Buffer Open Blog uses transparency and openness to invite its users to witness all that happens inside the brand. The blog reveals to its consumers a generous insight into not only what the brand is but also how it works.

What Made This Campaign So Successful? It is the feeling of belonging and openness that makes consumers feel like they have entry to a secret club.

3.     HootSuite and a Game of Social Thrones

HootSuite is a social media management tool that allows users to manage their social media accounts from one place. This might not seem like a hip and cool topic to talk about, but the marketing team was keen on being creative. They started off by posting a hilarious and innovative video titled “Game of Social Thrones”. The video immediately went viral.

What Made This Campaign So Successful? Instead of choosing a boring tactic to explain their brand, the marketing team went ahead with a fun and innovative video that captured the attention of its audience.

4.     Microsoft and Stories

Microsoft started a cool blog that was quite aptly titled “Stories.” With the amount of hype and attention the campaign received, it is safe to say that people really enjoy listening to good stories and that it is an excellent way to connect with your audience.

What Made This Campaign So Successful? The author behind this whole marketing campaign, Seth Godin, was keen on the idea that good stories captivate the audience. It just goes to show that sometimes all you have to do is be yourself to get the attention of your audience.

5.     HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing

HubSpot is responsible for coining the term Inbound Marketing, which focuses on the following point: attracting, converting, closing, and delighting. Just like Buffer, HubSpot focuses on creating fun and innovative content that will attract an audience. The brand offers a variety of guides, marketing kits, e-Books, and video courses that are detailed, helpful, and free.

What Made This Campaign So Successful? Unlike other brands, HubSpot makes its customer’s its top priority and hence were rewarded by all the attention they received.

6.     McDonald’s Question Time

Ever wondered what was inside your favorite beef burger? Well McDonald’s was certainly not reluctant to answer the questions of its consumers. This was a unique content marketing strategy, which allowed its consumers to question anything about their products. McDonald’s answered up to 10,000 customer questions. This was an innovative way of building strong relationships.

What Made This Campaign So Successful? Transparency is the key here. By answering questions, you gain the trust of your consumers.

7.     Go Pro and Visual Content

Visual content has a powerful impact on viewers and Go Pro knows this well. Go Pro based their entire marketing campaign on producing quality visual content. With over 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 6.8 million followers on Instagram, Go Pro was able to create a huge social media empire of its own.

What Made This Campaign So Successful? Pictures, really high quality pictures.

8.     Share as Image

Another company that is making waves in visual content is Share as Image. Not only does the brand allow you to create high quality image, it also allows you to share these images. Buffer even recommends Share As Image as one of the best content marketing tools out there.

What Made This Campaign So Successful? The brand helps you build your own brand by using premium visual content. You can’t help liking them for that.

So, summing this article up, there are 5 key elements you should keep in mind if you want to be a game changer in the content marketing world:

  1. Focusing on the power of storytelling
  2. Being honest and transparent
  3. Offering personalization
  4. Quality over quantity
  5. Making use of brilliant visual content

Follow these key elements and your content marketing strategy is sure to become a success.