How Qualcomm Empowers Women across the World to Achieve Their Business Goals

With the onset of technology, it has become increasingly easy for entrepreneurs to set up small businesses and live out their dreams. There are many global businesswomen out there that prove by their example they do not have to set up an office in Silicon Valley to become a huge success. These women know how to utilize technology and continue to live their dreams. If you want to be successful, the first rule is simple: you need to create a product and convince people to buy your product.

The Sari-Sari stores in Philippines are a rural one-stop shop community that allows users purchase whatever they are looking for. In the wake of the 2013 typhoon, however, Sari-Sari was unable to provide their customers with the one thing they yearned for. A large part of the Filipino community does not have access to traditional banking systems. They are thus forced to rely on conventional methods of managing their finances. The most nontraditional system includes small money hubs. These money hubs were offered by sari-sari stores to assist their consumers in their financial needs.

To keep up with the growing competition, Nanay Bella and Nanay Alica teamed up with Hapinoy to build up a social enterprise that works to educate, train, and equip sari-sari owners with mobile hub capabilities, and that is how Qualcomm Wireless Reach helped turn Sari-Sari stores into mobile money hubs that improved their services and initiated business growth.

The people of the rural communities are indebted to the owners of Sari-Sari stores. Many of the small businesses around the world have used technology to achieve success. A connected business is a successful business, and Qualcomm Wireless Reach Initiative has successfully managed to merge technology and creativity to aid small business owners to bring out their best.

Via Mashable