7 Services That Will Help You Grow Your Business with Influencers

It is 2015, and one thing we know for sure is there is immense competition in the business world. Almost every company now feels the need to push themselves forward and find a way to propel the business towards a more positive direction. If you are having a tough time in doing so, perhaps you need to seek influencers. It is the influencers who help propel your business and introduce you to a wider audience. Some of the top influencers can be found on Instagram, YouTube, and Vine.

If you want attention, you seriously need to get influencers on your side. Your main strategy should be convincing people to buy your products and share with others what they have been able to get from you. Here is a list of 7 services that will help you grow your business with influencers:

1.     Klout

Klout is an amazing service that helps you generate content to capture attention online. Klout suggests content your target audience might like. Spend time interacting with people online so you can gain a certain title, such as an entrepreneur or enthusiast. This will aid you in getting attention from influencers. People claim Klout has significantly helped their online engagement levels.

2.     Spreaker

If you have spent a lot of time online, you must have learned online radio and podcasts are a great way to get influencers to notice you. The world is evolving and people are starting to move beyond text to get their audience to notice them. Spreaker allows you to host and distribute podcasts using Android and iOS apps. You can even do it through your own computer. All you have to do is pre-record your podcast or host a live show and voila, you are connected to your listeners and get a chance to interact with your audience. Your podcast can then be shared and distributed around major social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

3.     Challenged App

The main concept of the app is to create a community that can overcome all types of social challenges.  The social challenges can range from health related issues in your local area or to simply creating awareness. The increasingly popular Ice Bucket Challenge went viral through the Challenged App and was able to attract tons of attention from influencers.

4.     Social Oomph

Social media channels play a huge role in driving in influencers. However, going through each major social networking website is time-consuming. This is where Social Oomph steps in. Social Oomph takes care of all the work and provides you updates so you can take your time in scheduling your marketing tasks. Now you do not have to worry about sharing your content around the Internet. Instead, you can spend more time on finding ways to attract a wider audience and crafting more relevant content.

5.     Influential

It is the first mobile influencer platform connected to the major influencers found on sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Vine. These are some of the most popular websites around the globe and it is where some of the most famous Internet sensations first get noticed. With the help of influencers, you can make a media buy directly on these social networking websites. This technique helps you gain a wider audience and allows you to capture the attention of some of the most popular influencers around the globe.

6.     Trendspottr

Trendspottr allows you to connect with influencers from all around the globe by providing them insights that deliver a better understanding of the latest trends. By gathering this important information in advance, you get a better sense of what your influencers are looking for and will be able to carry out intelligent conversations with them.

7.     Zumm

It is a difficult task for you to find an influencer or a network that will suit your needs and prove effective for your business. Zumm scans the entire social media landscape and provides you intelligence on what influencers and networks are suited to you according to the content you generate online. This tool helps you stay ahead of your competitors are you are able to establish more effective connections. This app also provides you information on what your competition is doing and how well their strategies are being received. This further helps you stay on edge with the latest trends.

These are indeed useful apps that will help you connect with your influencers. Once you get an influencer to give your product a shout out you are able to gain a wider audience and can easily blast out information to them regarding your content.