Workable Raises $27 Million to Help Small Businesses Compete for Talent

Workable Technologies Ltd has managed to raise $27 million dollars in Series B with the aim to help small and medium sized businesses to use tech in order to recruit the best candidates from the applicants available to them.

The company was established in Athens, Greece, in 2012, but the startup has recently established its headquarters in London and US. The Chief Executor of Workable has confirmed this decision has nothing to do with the economic turmoil in Greece. Instead, Workable just wants to be closer to its English-speaking clients.

Having a well-established setup in Athens, however, has given the company a great advantage. The CEO claims he now has access to some of the most qualified and skilled engineers out there who want to remain in Greece, rather than moving to tech hubs around the world to earn a living.

The company charges medium to small businesses around $19 to $400 a month to use its cloud based human resource software. The price depends on the volume of job openings the employer is running through the platform. This means that the solution is affordable for small businesses, as they only have to pay based on the number of people they want to recruit. There are no extra or hidden charges.

This helpful cloud based app allows small business owners to create and synchronize job listings for fulltime or part-time roles that are the most important in their market without having to separately post each one.

The Series B investment was led by Balderton Capital in Workable and joined by 83North and Notion Capital. The funding brings the amount raised by Workable to a whopping $34.5 million, which will surely help the startup bolster its growth and at the same time achieve the goals they have set for the coming years.