Good Social Media Boosts SEO Even Though Nobody Understands How

Social media and SEO may look like different aspects of marketing, but if you observe closely, you will see there is a connection you cannot ignore. A good example is the relationship between Google and Twitter. If you haven’t noticed, Google pays special attention to social interactions. Twitter works in a way to help Google discover new content.

Measuring Visibility

If you want to improve your SEO strategy, social media can be the golden ticket that will get you there. With the help of a number of tools, social signals can be used as powerful information that empowers and organization to make meaningful adjustments and improvements to its social strategies.

Indirect Link Building

Link building is not only an important aspect of SEO, it is also an important aspect of social media.  If you post regularly on your website, and if the content gets a fair amount of shares on Facebook, your content might be viewed by a content manager writing a blog about the kind of products you sell. Understand these important people will never find a way to your content if it weren’t for social media. The more your content is shared online, the better its chances are of being discovered. Do not underestimate the importance of shares, likes, or retweets, as it has an indirect benefit that will help you gain popularity in the long run.

Social Profile Rankings

If you ever happen to Google some of the most popular brands, you will be surprised to see their Facebook profiles appear as one of the top three results. Understand that Google does not undermine social networking websites. Profiles of your brand on other social networking sites will also show up on Google, hence to gain control over the first page of Google, create social platforms on many different social networking websites that will properly represent your brand.

Social as a Referral Partner

If you are sharing content on your blog and have a large following online, you will be able to generate a lot of site traffic. This helps you gain authority on the number one page of Google‘s search engine.

It is easy to separate SEO and social media in to different entities but in time you will learn it is better to view them in the same light. The two aspects of marketing have a strong relationship, thus you should focus on both to achieve success online.