Hyperloop’s Intro Video Claims the Future Is Now

Hyperloop, in their new introductory video released on YouTube this week, dubbed the “Fifth Mode of Transport” is real. Hyperloop is a project that has been envisioned by engineer and inventor Elon Musk. Elon Musk wishes to build a high-speed transportation system that can travel at a top speed of 800 miles per hour. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Hyperloop Technologies are two research companies that have been looking for ways to turn Elon’s dreams into reality.

Consequently, Hyperloop Technologies uploaded a video on Tuesday. The video emphasizes Hyperloop’s catchphrase “actually make the world a better place” and “live anywhere, work anywhere, and be anywhere.” The video is available on Hyperloop’s YouTube page. The company also tweeted the video on their Twitter account. The company had also circulated a press release from the newly appointed CEO Rob Lloyd who was previously former CISCO president of sales and development.

Lloyd described Hyperloop’s vision as compelling and destructive and labeled it one of the most transformative new modes of transportation on offer. He took the opportunity to announce his team of 50 full-time employees catering to the needs of various departments of the company, such as manufacturing, engineering, design, and human resources.

The co-founder of Hyperloop Technologies also took the time to share what the startup has achieved so far under his predecessor. He explained the different aspects of the HyperPod, namely the compressor, levitation, propulsion, and tube manufacturing. While the co-founder was able to give a detailed account of these aspects, the press release failed to include an important goal. It is to be noted that Hyperloop Technologies is working to build a two-mile test track by the end of 2016 or early 2017. This will be a huge test for the startup and it is evident the whole world will be watching them closely.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/3le4n8/hyperloops_intro_video_claims_the_future_is_now/