How Not To Be an Entrepreneur

“The Idea in You” is a new book that helps readers explore their creative aspirations and aims to uncover hidden talent and encourage individuals to unleash their creativity to the world. You may wonder if it is just the cultural references that set apart and favors Hobnobs and Brownie badges over Starbucks and SXSW, but it’s not. And neither is it the homegrown companies, such as Marsh & Mellows and Sugru.

It is merely the fact authors Alex Pellow and Martin Amor, who are both small business owners and business consultants for companies like PepsiCo, attempt to retrieve the concept of entrepreneurship as something that is more personal than what we perceive and what Silicon Valley has had us believing all these years.

Martin Amor explains how the word ‘entrepreneurship’ has become tarnished and hyper-masculine. He claims he spent years with the notion that entrepreneurs looked like Donald Trump and Alan Sugar. He explains how he thought he needed a great personality and a huge fan following to be able to become a successful entrepreneur and that he had to be comfortable with risks and bashing doors down to get what he needs.

He explains to his readers that they should be more like the general population, which is filled with eccentric individuals, mums, retirees, and people who are looking for a break. He emphasized on the fact that such people do great things everyday despite their lack of reach. Unfortunately, they are forced to give up their dreams and aspirations and have to settle for working for someone else’s dream. Pellew agrees this book was written to inspire the general masses to de-risk the concept of becoming a creator. Following your passion and sticking to what interests you will help you achieve success.

The book encourages human beings to activate their own ideas in some form or the other. Human beings are natural creators hence they should not set aside their ability to create and transform their ideas into reality. The opening section of the book sets out an unorthodox approach by the authors. The book was pitched to Penguin as a mixture of a self-help and business book, explains Pellow. The book emphasizes on clearing one’s head and getting your act together. Even if you have the best idea, it is of particularly no use until you find a way to materialize it or bring it to reality.

Mental attitude is the greatest barrier that prevents human beings from achieving their dreams and desires. The mind is filled with dozens of ideas. Keeping this in mind, the book is filled with countless practical exercises through each chapter that pushes the readers to break inertia and act now. The book provides additional support and is accompanied by a free online Creator Community that features countless support videos featuring inspiring characters and support groups to encourage readers to educate themselves and turn their dreams into reality.

One of the authors’ heroes and inspiration is Paul Sinton, a passionate runner who had organized a free 5K run in his local park in 2004. In the beginning, Parkrun did not even have its own website, but as Sinton continued to work harder and spent months collecting tokens to spend on newspapers to publish times and scores, he slowly was able to build a crowd of 100,000 runners every week around the world.

Amor explains it is important to find something you love and stick to it. You have to be persistent. He advises one should initially start small, build their connections and then let their ideas expand and take their own course. The Maker Movement Mentality encourages people to adopt a self-starting and self-helping attitude towards their dreams. Transfer the same passion to your employees. It will encourage them to learn new skills and create opportunities for themselves.

Both the authors agree the criticism their book has received has been too humble and too soft-nosed. They concluded they wanted to write a book about where they were five years ago so that readers are able to believe you can make success happen. This beautiful manual may not have you on the number one list of entrepreneurs but it will certainly help you become a better version of yourself soon.