Facebook Just Gave Small Businesses a Bunch of New Tools

Recently, Facebook launched a series of new tools geared towards budding entrepreneurs. These tools will hopefully play a part in not only helping entrepreneurs expand their business but are designed to help Facebook itself gain additional revenue. If you are one of the 45 million business owners that use Facebook pages, you may have noticed a couple of new features or call-to-action buttons, such as the “contact us”, “send message” and “call now” buttons. These buttons were placed on top of the page just below the cover photo.

Facebook also introduced two new sections: “Shops” and “Services”. These features are designed to help companies attract more customers and let people know what they offer. Through this new innovation, business owners can expect the latest updates about their business through the help of Facebook. At the start of the year, Facebook also updated their private messaging feature for businesses by adding a “send message” button with the advertisements that pop up in newsfeed. Now, admins of the page can respond to comments via private message.

This is a useful tool for sorting out queries and issues regarding dissatisfied customers. This summer, Facebook also changed their way of measuring costs per click (CPC). Previously, CPC was measured only within an ad by actions such as sharing, clicking, and commenting on a link to a website but now Facebook has allowed companies to broaden their reach by including users who visit another site that hit the call to action button or watch a video there.

In the beginning of September, it was also announced that Facebook would further upgrade their Conversion Lift Advertising measurement tool that would help entrepreneurs build their campaigns and gain more impact. All these tools remain free for all businesses. Now it is up to the budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of these new features.


Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/250457