Small Business Owners on the Trump Bandwagon

Donald Trump is being trumped to become the next president of the US. It’s not just in the polls that he’s leading; it seems small business owners have jumped on the Trump bandwagon. The 2016 presidential election has had all potential candidates trying to gain popularity, but only some have managed to succeed. According to sources, Trump stands to be the top choice for president among small business owners. Small business owners continue to seek an ideal choice for president, even more so after his performance in the recent GOB debate with the moderator of Fox News.

Donald Trump has indeed managed to successfully strike a nerve of his other competitors. With Hilary Clinton coming in second in the debate, and Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio tying for third place, Trump has gained the edge in terms of popularity and mass appeal. Many well-known figures have stated that Trump is extremely skilled in problem solving and has an edge over all the other candidates. Clinton too has similar qualities and continuously emphasized how she would like to be a ‘small business president’ in the near future.

Although many Americans who are owners of small businesses seem to be optimistic about 2016, there are still some issues that can cause hindrances to the businesses. First off, the Wall Street market will be likely to take more than just a few years to actually recover, and this is not a change that can be made overnight. Second, there has hardly been any growth in the market for about a decade so it is still too soon to predict what future presidents can do for small business owners, or any segment of the population for that matter.

It remains to be seen who gains the edge in the coming months and leads the polls going into the elections. But one thing is for sure: Donald Trump has small business owners on his side.