Scaling Small Businesses, Getting the Best Impact from Automation

Startups and small businesses rely on manual power, and many of their managers and owners

believe that automation is something only the big corporations are entitled to. Things such as self-

driving cars belong to Google, right?

Well, that’s not exactly the case. Automation is now available on a large scale level and is more

accessible than ever, thanks to the cloud-based technologies. In fact, cloud-based platforms are

one of the best ways to implement automation in your small company and to take advantage of

services previously available only to large corporations and business ventures.

So, how can you use automation in your day-to-day tasks? Social media platforms are an

excellent example of that – instead of wasting time posting on your Facebook or Twitter several

times per day, automate the process with an app such as Buffer. You can also use automation

software to take care of and manage your inventory so your business will always be on track.

Automation has been also integrated in customer service and support. Of course, human

communication is essential, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t automate at least some of the

process. Email automation responses are particularly popular and save you both time and

money. They can follow-up with prospective clients or make sure you’ve sent birthday promotions

and discount deals to all your loyal customers, and you don’t have to do more than lift a finger! To

take things even further, there are applications that also take care of the entire recruiting process,

tracking and managing all applications for you.

Automation is the best way to harness the power of your small team and make use of the

features and advantages large corporations rely on. Drive your business to success by

introducing automated processes, and take the extra time to create the innovative products and

creative services that will conquer the market.