What Makes Startups Succeed When 40 Percent Fail?  

Perhaps you’ve heard the alarming statistics that the majority of startups fail within their first year. In fact, almost half of the new companies would disappear within the first couple of years after they’ve been founded. So, what’s the secret to success when it comes to startups?


A clear, concise, and formal plan is essential to guarantee your company’s success. Outline your goals and then develop a plan that will help you answer the questions you might not have even thought of. Once you’ve launched your company, revise your plan at least once every year and adjust to the changing markets and customers’ demands.

Trust a professional

Even the most talented entrepreneur can’t do everything on their own. Don’t be afraid of hiring a professional that can act as your trusted advisor and help you with your daily tasks. More than half of allsuccessful entrepreneurs have hired, or are likely to hire, an accountant – so make sure you find the professional help you need to drive your business to success.


Staying true to your vision is vital, but you also need to be flexible. In our dynamic world, the economic situation and the market change all the time. To be successful, you need to be able to modify your strategy and business plan and cater to the varying demands of your customers.


One thing that makes startups succeed is the research involved. Do your research – of the market, of your competitors, of your business. Understand what your customers need and want and then craft a message that will resonate with them. Identify the business trends you can use to your advantage. Research is a never ending process (check out the previous point), and knowledge is the greatest power a start-up can possess.