Small Businesses Struggle to Prove Facebook ROI: New Research  


If you’re a small business owner, reducing your expenses is perhaps one of your major priorities – especially when it comes to marketing. Facebook is currently one of the best marketing platforms that allows you to promote your business and raise awareness of your brand without spending a fortune. Does your Facebook marketing campaign, however, really yield any results? Check out the recent findings related to small business marketing and Facebook:

  1. There’s no actual return on the investment

A few months ago, more than 500 small business owners were surveyed by Manta about their thoughts on social media return on investment (ROI). The results? More than half of them report not seeing any ROI from their social media marketing campaign. 17% of the owners who saw any results received less than $100 and only 63 individual’s earnings actually outnumbered what they’ve already spent with more than $2,000.

  1. Investment isn’t actually great

It seems like small businesses are actually quite reluctant, when it comes to investing in social media marketing. Half of the respondents in the study invested less than $100 per month but, in truth, small businesses generally tend to devote only a small portion of their funds to marketing. Experts believe that the small investment might be the reason behind the lack of ROI – simply, because spending $100 a month cannot get your business very far.

  1. Still, small businesses focus more and more on Facebook

Even though there is no solid proof that investing in social media marketing actually yields any results, more small business owners devote their time to Facebook. Another study, conducted by Clutch, revealed that almost 40% of business owners spend more time on Facebook than they did in previous years. The Manta study supported these results by demonstrating that a third of their respondents increased their employees’ Facebook time just in the past year. A third study even goes as far as to predict a 50% increase in the use of Facebook ads for 2015.

It is clear that Facebook is still one of the most successful and popular platforms when it comes to small business marketing. In order for your campaign to be successful, however, you need to understand how your campaign and ads work – and what sorts of customer it brings to your company.

Via Social Media Examiner