Inbound Marketing

Your web designer has just handed over the keys to your business’s brand new website. You look it over, and it looks amazing of course. You go ahead, punch in the username and password, login, and… now what?

All too often decision makers ask the “Now what?” question and aren’t able to come up with a suitable answer. That answer is marketing – but how?

How exactly do you drive potential customers to your business’s blog, social media accounts, or website? There are two roads ahead, inbound marketing and outbound marketing. In a very basic nutshell: outbound = advertising and inbound = content marketing. While most businesses utilize a little bit of both, the rise of the internet, blogging, and social media has thrust inbound marketing into the spotlight. There are a few factors causing this shift such as lower cost, changing consumer tastes toward ads, and decreasing outbound marketing effectiveness.

How exactly does the inbound marketing process work? This infographic from Smart Insights highlights the flow of content and traffic to give you a better idea of how all the digital marketing assets fit together.